Can We Talk

Participate actively and often. Your comments influence the direction and add to the substance and uniqueness of the online discussion. It is important that you say what's on your mind in a manner that fosters active participation. Your voice needs to be heard. Good language is essential. Your ideas will get a better reception if they are clearly stated.
The online software we use automatically identifies you when you post a comment.
Here are some guidelines we all need to follow so our online dialogue will be meaningful and successful.

Think Before You Write

Think carefully about what you want to say before entering the discussion. Your online comments are going to be saved and will be reread even after the discussion is finished.This is not a casual chat you might have with a friend over a cup of coffee with nobody else listening.We are all going to "hear" what you say. This should not discourage you or make you overly cautious about making comments online. Just think a bit before commenting. Never, will the comments you make be used to embarrass you in any way.

Don't Break the "Thread"

Different questions will be posted online for each discussion. If there is a dialogue or train of thought going on, join in, participate, and add to it. The more the merrier. However, if you have something entirely different to bring up, wait or post it in another area. An online discussion is intended to resemble a sensible conversation.

Keep Your Cool

BEFORE The need for your comments to be emotional will occur during some discussions. It's fine to be emotional. It's great to be passionate. But when your emotion overtakes you, before you make a personal attack, or outrageous or sarcastic comment online, count to ten, take some deep breaths, and then go back to your computer. AFTER

Don't Beat A Dead Horse to Death

If you are responding to another person, and the conversation is going back and forth, and new ideas are still being generated that's fantastic. However, if you are simply revisiting the same issues over and over then stop your conversation. It is over. Wait for the next "thread".

Free to Agree or Disagree Politely

You can disagree. You should disagree. You can challenge and dissent about other people's thoughts and ideas but, avoid becoming negative online. It will impact you negatively, hinder the class discussion, and may give the wrong impression of you to others.When you disagree politely, you stimulate and encourage great discussion. We will get your point. You also maintain positive relationships with others with whom you may disagree on a specific point.

No ###!!??*** ~!#^

Be civil online. Expletives are a no no! They are unnecessary and will not be tolerated.
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