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The Study Group Workshop At a Glance

Feeling Confused Reading the Biology Book Feeling Confused

A. The study group workshops will count 8% of your total class grade. Participation in the workshops is 4%, pre-workshop activites are 2% and the workshop quizzes are also 2%.
B.The group study workshops will be once a week on Tuesdays 12:30-1:50PM.. These workshops are mandatory, so if you have to make an appoinment to do something else do not schedule it during this time. The peer leader will be taking attendance.

C.Participation! Participation! Participation! is what the group study workshop is all about. Don't plan on seating in a corner of the room and hiding. The peer leader or the student sniffing out bloodhounds will find you. If you feel shy or uncomfortable about working in a group don't panic. In no way will the workshop leaders or activites make you feel threatened or uneasy. Relax! You're going to like this way of learning.

D. These group study workshops will not be tutuoring sessions. The peer leaders are there to offer assistance when it is needed, to help guide you towards answers and understanding material you find challenging, frustrating or completely incomprehensible. (Hopefully, not the entire course) Sometimes the peer leaders will just sit and let you work out the answers with the rest of the group. Remember, your peer leader is still a student. They may not know the answers to everything so please be patient with them. Together you can see seek out the answer.

The Peer Leader Relaxing

E. There will be a variety of activites. Some you will love and others you will go Ugh!, but all will equip you with ways to improve your understanding and mastery of the course material. The workshops will include constructing concept maps, hands-on-activities, jeapordy reviews, drawing diagrams and pictures to name a few.

There will be pre-workshop activities that will prepare you for what will be done in the group study workshop that week.Your peerleader will review these pre-workshops with you.

You will be working with one or two partners during the group study workshops. You will be actively participating in learning guided by your peer leaders. During the workshops you don't just sit, listen and act like a sleepy sponge.

What Did She Say? What Did You Say? What Did She Say?
Quizzes, written by your peer leader, will be given as needed. The quiz will be only on the material you covered in the workshop the previous session.
F.In addition to study group workshop times you can contact your peer leader through Campus Cruiser. Your peer leader will share their campus cruiser email address with you during the first workshop.

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