Human Anatomy & Physiology 1
Bio 111

Peer Led Section

What Peer Led Team Learning Is All About

Peer Led Team Learning workshops consist of a study group which will include six of you and a peer leader. He or she is a former student in a Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 class.

Each of your peer leaders was very successful in Human Anatomy & Physiology 1.

Every peer leader has learned first hand, techniques to make learning the course material much easier than trying to memorize the entire textbook (impossible) and/or writing down everything the professor (that would be me) has to say, which just doesn't work because I talk rather quickly.

      What Did She Say?
Your peer leaders will also share with you their tips and techniques for success.They will encourage you. They will tell you the ways that worked best for them in doing the required journal, note taking, using your text book effectviely, studying for and taking exams. These techniques and new found skills will hopefully not only make you more successful in learning the diffcult material in Anatomy & Physiology I, but also improve how well you do in other courses.

Your peer leader has been been trained to recognize that people learn in different ways. He or she will use various methods to try and accomdate everyone's learning styles. They will intoduce you to different methods of group work such as round robin and role-playing. You will use these and other methods of group study to work through activites that are prepared for the workshops.