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Travel Brochure of an Animal Cell
The Project

You and your partners at your table will be required to produce a travel brochure that describes an animal cell as if it were a large amusement park with its many rides and other offerings.
You want your travel brochure to attract visitors to spend money at the animal cell. You must accurately describe/draw/explain 10 organelles (attractions) and their functions. You must include the nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and Golgi Body and as four of your choices.
The brochure must describe at least 10 "attractions" (organelles or cell processes) that will "enchant and delight" their potential customers.
Humor and originality are strongly encouraged. Props, give aways, or tickets might be welcome additions. Brochures will be evaluated by accuracy of organelle descriptions, design and creativity.
An oral presentation will be done by the your group. A skit or presentation complete with props and/or costumes is encouraged.
Using small roadside attractions as an inspiration produce a travel brochure to entice visitors to take the next exit and visit the "incredible! amazing!, and unbelievable!" sights of an animal cell. For example, your visitors might want to "visit the ribosomes, located just outside the nucleus, and watch as proteins are synthesized RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!".
You are allowed creative license in your descriptions, such as "be sure to visit the Golgi center inside the gift shop, and have your purchases gift wrapped for you before you leave." Use your imaginations!
There is no limit to what to you may decide to do. You might include cell processes such as cell division or protein synthesis as part of the brochure. If you are not artistic, photographs, computer images or cut-outs from magazines are other ways to make your brochures interesting and attractive.
Use the websites below to start you on your way.
Click on Cells Alive
On the next screen click on Animal Cell in the column to the left.
Animal Cell Organelles
Animal Cells
Animal Cells


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