Schedule of Lectures
Week 1Unit One-Chapter 15: The Endocrine System
Lab 1: Endocrine System
Week 2Chapter 15: The Endocrine System
Lab 2: The Blood
Lab Quiz: Endocrine System
Week 3Chapter 15: The Endocrine System
Lab 3: Heart Dissection
Lab Quiz: Blood
Week 4Unit One Exam
Unit Two Chapter 16: The Blood
Lab 4: Blood Vessels 1
Lab Quiz: Heart
Week 5Chapter 16: Blood/Chapter 17: The Heart
Lab 5: Blood Vessel 2
Lab Quiz: Blood Vessel 1
Week 6Chapter 17 The Heart
Chapter 18 Blood Vessels
Lab: Heart Physiology
Lab QUiz:Blood Vessels 2
Week 7Chapter 18: Blood Vessels
Lab Practical 1
Week 8Spring Break
Week 9 Unit Exam 11
Unit Three-Chapter 19: Lymphatic System
Lab: Respiratory System
Week 10Chapter 19: Lymphatic System/Chapter 20: Respiratory System
Lab: Digestive System
Lab Quiz: Respiratory System
Week 11Unit Exam 2
Chapter 20: Respiratory System
Lab: Excretory System
Lab Quiz: Digestive System
Week 12Unit Three: Chapter 21 Digestive System
Lab: Male Reproductive
Lab Quiz:Digestive System
Week 13 Unit Exam 111
Chapter 21: Digestive System
Lab: Female Reproductive
Lab Quiz: Male Reproductive
Week 14Unit Four: Chapter 22 Excretory System
Lab Practical 2
Week 15Chapter 22: Excretory System