A. The Lecture Grade will count 50% of your final grade. It is determined in the following way:
4 lecture exams 40 %
One will be given at the end of each unit. Each exam will be announced about one week in advance. The exams will consist of multiple choice questions. All material on the exams will come from the journal questions you have answered at home and we have discussed in class. Each exam will take one class period.
A Make up exam will only be given if there is a well-founded excuse. You will be given one week from the day of the originally scheduled exam to do the make up exam otherwise a " 0 " will be assigned. If you know ahead of time you will be missing an exam you may take the exam earlier than the rest of the class.

The last exam will be given during the Special Exam Days at the end of the semester.

Good News! There is no midterm or cumulative final in this course.

Weekly Quizzes 5 %.
Once a week at the beginning of lecture class there will be an announced 10- minute quiz on the previous days material. There is absolutely no make-up on these quizzes. If you are late and miss the quiz you will be assigned a "0".

Daily Journal & Class Participation 5 %
You will be given a set of questions for each chapter to answer at home in the journal. When you come to class you should be prepared with your answers and have some idea of what is being talked about during class.The journal is to be brought to all classes.Your journal will be graded at different times during the semester, unannounced.

This is not a lecture class! You will be expected to actively answer and ask questions during each class.This is the daily participation part of your final grade. No one just sits in class! If you don't volunter answers then I will volunter you.

B. The Lab grade will count 45% of your final grade. It is determined in the following way: Attendance in the laboratory is mandatory.

Pre-Lab Assignements 3%
The Pre-Lab assignement will be collected at the beginning of the lab period. No Pre-Lab Assignments will be accepted late.

Post-Lab Assignments 3 %
The Post-Lab assignement will be collected at the beginning of the next lab period. No Post-Lab Assignments will be accepted late.

Weekly lab quizzes 9 %
The quiz will always be given during the first 15-20 minutes of the lab period. It will cover the previous week's lab and one or two questions on the lab you are doing that day. If you arrive late you will either have less time for the quiz or you will miss the quiz. The lowest lab quiz grade will be dropped. So, if you miss a quiz that is the one you will drop. There will be NO make-ups on lab quizzes.

3 Lab Practicals 30 %
Each Lab Practical will include material from the previous weekslabs you have already completed. The questions will be all multiple - choice. There are NO make-ups on Lab Practicals. They will be on ScanTron so make sure you bring a #2 pencil.

Muscle Project 5%
The muscle project will be assigned when we do the muscle labs. You will be given three weeks to complete this project.


The textbook is to be brought to all classes. I know it is heavy so be careful how you carry it. Rotate the shoulder you use to carry the book so you don't overuse one set of muscles.
Besides not studying properly the other main reason students do poorly or fail a class is because they don't get to the class. So easy to rollover and go back to sleep. Get up and get to class! Class starts on time. Be there on time. I find it extremely rude for students to walk into class late. I understand that once in awhile this will happen, but not every class.

Please shut off all electronic devices before you come into class. They are annoying and distracting to other members of the class and I get quite perturbed when they go off during class time. If there is an emergency call you are expecting please let me know before class.

You are expected to attend all classes. If you are unable to attend class please do me the courtesy of calling me at (732) 548-6000 ext.3377 or e-mail me at I will return your call and I do check my e-mail.

If you are a special needs student please see me privately after class. I will comply with any special needs that have been documented by Project Connections.

There will be no curving of class grades. The tests have been designed so they test what you should have learned in class.

We will be using the Interent for review quizzes and other review materials.Review materials for the lab can be found at Anatomy Lab Review

Cheating will not be tolerated. An "F" will be automatically assigned if you caught cheating.

For additional information about these requirements please visit my BIO 111 Syllabus and/or BIO 111 Grading pages.

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